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numerology can unlock all of the secrets that the numbers hold.

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The Birth Journal includes a supportive, practical birth story writing guide. And it's just that... a guide. You won't find fill-in-the-blanks or a birth story writing formula.

what is a Numerology

Numerology is a form of divination similar to astrology that deals with connections between numbers and personality traits, destiny, events, and circumstances. Certain numbers associated with people, places, and events may play a role in better understanding these things or predicting potential outcomes. Your personal numerology is part of the karmic imprint you bring to this lifetime in order to help you grow spiritually.

At the root of numerology lies the belief that numbers are a universal language. By calculating certain numbers (typically birth names and birthdates are the primary numbers calculated), one may get a clearer picture of themselves, others, and the world at large. While this system appears to have been used across various civilizations for thousands of years, nobody really knows the true origins of the study, although numerological systems and beliefs appear in writings discovered from early cultures.


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effectively uses Numerology and Palmistry to support his readings and for recommeding remedies such as lucky gem stones, rudraksha etc. The remedies and solutions suggested by him are very practical and simple which has helped several clients for overall well-being.


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