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You are the Secret. Let Naming Explore you.

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Naming a Business – Methodology & Process Flow

We provides detailed numerology analysis and naming services in Mumbai for your business – whether it’s a commercial office, shop or an industry we have a solution for you. We also assist you in changing or tuning your existing business name by our best Numerology Consultant in Mumbai.

Your personality characteristics, destiny and the planetary position at the time of your birth are closely interconnected with your business name. Scholars all over the world have undoubtedly established this fact. The decimal number system using digits 1 to 9 and zero is the universally accepted system and we use these numbers hundreds of times every day. However, the numbers related to your birth and names have special significance for you. The hidden meanings in these numbers, can reveal your personality characteristics, as well as predict your fortune.

New born Baby Horoscope, Name Suggestion, Rashi, Nakshatra, Dosha

This newborn Horoscope report specially designed for parents who want to know their newborn child Birth sign, Star and Naming letters also birth Tithi and Nakshatra doshas. As per Hindu Astrology, Naming child (Namakaran) with the suitable Astrological letter (Namakshar) will help the child to have better future. Most of times parents may not be able to contact Astrologer immediately after childbirth, at that time this tool is very helpful for them to check their child Astrological details immediately after birth.

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